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 Off The Hook – KXSF 102.5FM San Francisco

Off The Hook

Just another day in the MIND-BOGGLINGLY wonderful world of OFF THE HOOK today. * Nothing SPECIAL, just the craziest kind of VARIETY you expect week in, week out from a connoisseur of RARE REFINEMENT and musical taste whose extraordinary brain (who said “genius”?) sits within an average skull atop a modest, Average Joe frame. * That said, we will feature Special Tributes to English folk-rock original JUDY DYBLE (R.I.P) and avant-jazz trumpeter EDDIE GALE (R.I.P.), our Birthday Segment, and only the GREATEST of the latest new sounds! * So join your humble, barely-in-control DJ whose studied sincerity wins your heart every week at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5FM / http://kxsf.fm/ (too far?)

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