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  • Mawkish Twaddle.

    Mawkish Twaddle.

    Mawkish Twaddle – Saturdays from 10pm to Midnight. This show is often a jangly pack of freeform bubblegum and occasionally a jarring squall of sound.  Bob N. selects and spins the choicest tracks from brand new releases the world over, spiking them with older selections that are both exciting and not overplayed.  Few subgenres are off […]

  • The Everything Show.

    The Everything Show.

    Saturday, 7pm to 9pm it’s THE EVERYTHING SHOW hosted by Dan Carlisle. Nothing is too hip or too square just great music from every source. THE EVERYTHING SHOW is the only radio show in America piped directly into Elvis’s grave. Be there or be square. The Everything Show with Dan Carlisle. Broadcasted live on Saturday […]

  • Off The Hook

    Off The Hook

    Just another day in the MIND-BOGGLINGLY wonderful world of OFF THE HOOK today. * Nothing SPECIAL, just the craziest kind of VARIETY you expect week in, week out from a connoisseur of RARE REFINEMENT and musical taste whose extraordinary brain (who said “genius”?) sits within an average skull atop a modest, Average Joe frame. * […]

  • Rock Neto.

    Rock Neto.

    https://media.transistor.fm/d6c40ed8.mp3 Rock Neto 230 Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco on Thursday July 16th of 2020. Interviews with bdrmm and A. Swayze & The Ghosts. Music by: Los Cogelones Kaleko Urdangak Courting James Clarke Five Round Eye Los Huaycos Los Viejos IDLES Frankie and the Witch Fingers DOPE BODY Melkbelly Nirvana Tommy […]

  • Rock Neto en Español

    Rock Neto en Español

    https://media.transistor.fm/1ad80b24.mp3 Rock Neto 231 en Español. Grabado en vivo el Jueves 9 de Julio del 2020 para KXSF 102.5 FM San Francisco. Entrevista con Diles Que No Me Maten. Musica de: Derby Motoreta’s Burrito KachimbaOk PirámidesFuturo TerrorMujeresArista FieraDiles que no me matenDiles que no me matenDiles que no me matenEl Columpio Asesino Donate now and […]

  • Carolyn.


    Carolyn. Broadcasted live on Tuesday July 14th of 2020. https://media.transistor.fm/fb86f1f9.mp3 Donate now and help keep independent radio on the air!

  • FreeFall.


    On FreeFall 925, a Sledge sister sings Simone, a Dinner Party is in full effect, Joshua Redman reunites with Chris Potter, Brian Blade & Christian McBride and there’s a smokin’ live session from Ibibio Sound Machine. It all happens from 10am-noon Tuesday, on KXSF.FM and 102.5FM on your San Francisco radio dial! #kxsf #sfrcr #communityradio […]

  • Frequency Uplift!

    Frequency Uplift!

  • Hangover Sessions.

    Hangover Sessions.

    Hangover Sessions Ft. Joanie Only. Broadcasted live on Sunday July 5th of 2020. https://media.transistor.fm/320d474c.mp3 Donate now and help keep independent radio on the air!

  • Brother Bruno.

    Brother Bruno.

    Brother Bruno. Broadcasted live on Monday July 13th of 2020. https://media.transistor.fm/0b44eb98.mp3 Donate now and help keep independent radio on the air!